How Much Data Are You Unknowingly Sharing With Facebook?

Written by on 2 April 2018

Do you know how much data you are currently sharing with Facebook? According to the BBC, many are unaware of how much data they are sharing with one of the world’s most popular social media platforms to date. A recent like you’ve made on a post of your favourite celebrity, a funny video, or even a location that you have shared with a friend, may all be stored by Facebook without you knowing.

Users are now discovering how much of their data they are sharing with Facebook and some of this data also belongs to those with whom they are friends with. It has left people afraid of how much of their private information has been shared with the social media site, and why Facebook has the authority and access to it.

Technology correspondent at the BBC, Rory Cellan-Jones, said, “I am one of those people and what I’ve discovered has left me somewhat shocked. Over the weekend I got hold of my Facebook data. It’s easy enough, you go to settings, then general account settings and click on download my data.

“An hour or so later an email arrived with a link to click and I was downloading a 675MB folder chronicling all of my life on the network since I signed up in 2007.”

It is frightening to see that Facebook holds such a vast amount of private data without many being fully aware of the access. However, after Jones accessed the folder he found all he had posted over the 10 years he had been a part of the social media. He had also linked popular music streaming service, Spotify, to his Facebook account, and over quite some time, majority of the songs he had listened to was all stored as data available to Facebook, “a handy reminder that when you link any external app to Facebook it then gathers a lot more data about you.”

Mark Zuckerberg, co-founder and current chairman and chief executive officer of Facebook.

As he continued to look through the data, he had found the most shocking data saved and accessible to Facebook, “But then I clicked on a file called contacts. I was taken aback to find my entire contact list, thousands of phone numbers. Now, this was not limited to Facebook friends and included many people in the public eye who might be disturbed to find that their private numbers were stored in this way.”

One user reported that Facebook had all of his text messages from a phone, however, Facebook claims uploading your contacts is a normal process when signing up to the social media platform, but users are also given a choice whether or not to share it.

Facebook has claimed that they have never shared any of this data with anyone else and that it is common to collect data, as the opposite was seen with Apple’s iCloud services. Nevertheless, this issue still has caused many to be uncomfortable with the company knowing and having access to such private information, and to find out more information to what access Facebook has, click here.

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