James Bay Returns with New Sound & Single ‘Wild Love’

Written by on 12 March 2018

James Bay has returned with a brand new look, style, and his new single, ‘Wild Love’.

This is the first release since his last album, Chaos and the Calm, but is now back with a completely new sound. The 27-year-old recently spoke to Music Week about his recent reinvention claiming “It was time,”.

The sound of his new single has definitely surprised listeners, as James stated, “There’s a shock factor, there’s a few people that have been played that song and have said, ‘Who’s this?’ And they can’t guess. I love that – because when they find out it’s me they go, ‘Oh wow!’ And suddenly they’re flooded with this idea of evolution in my music – and me as an artist.”.

Even though James is well known and loved for his signature hat and guitar look and sound, it seems that he was very keen on his change happening so suddenly, “When a signature look starts to work and you’re known for something more than just your music, the marketing people and labels love it,” Bay says. “So when I was like, ‘Nah, it’s going,’ those guys were like, ‘What?’ I didn’t give them much warning, but that says a lot about the great relationship I have with my label – they will embrace what I want to do. It’s about evolution, it’s about starting again – same guy, new version.”

“You always take the risk of a dip in commerce when you become more adventurous and progressive with your sound; it’s always the dilemma and it makes for more frightening and exciting times.” 

It is a great benefit for Bay to have full support in his new sound, and that it can definitely work. Virgin EMI boss, Ted Cockle, is also confident in James’s new sound and believes “he’s just secured himself another decade in the industry by wrong-footing so many people,”. He continues, claiming, “He’s shown that he can operate on very different levels and actually surprise people.”

The new single definitely has spruces of various genres and influences, which James said was intentional, “Wild Love is an example of how Drake, Prince and Frank Ocean have been heavy influences on this album. At the same time, Bowie, Blondie, The Strokes, LCD Soundsystem have been just as big influences – just maybe not as obviously in that song.”

The single without a doubt takes some time to get used to, as it is abundantly contrasting to what we have usually heard from the ‘Let It Go’ singer, but it definitely has a groove that is hard not to love. The song is melodic and enchanting, with a catchy pop melody that will unquestionably be stuck in your head for days on end.

Check out the new video for the single here:

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